Prague Transport Map

Prague is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to public transportation. At any time of the day or night you will find a convenient connection that brings you where you wherever you want to, either in the city or in the nearby suburban areas. Tickets are all the same and can be bought in any metro station and in some trafika shops. They are called jizdenka and the full description of the fares rules is available here.

Prague Airport Transport Map

This map shows the connections from the Vaclav Havel Airport (that used to be called Ruzyne Airport) to the city. From the airport we suggest you take the bus 119 or the Airport Express (AE) to Dejvicka where you can then change to the metro. For the 119 you need to get a ticket using local coins from the yellow machine at the airport bus stop while for the Airport Express you can buy the ticket directly from the bus driver.

Prague Barrier-free Tram, Metro, Bus Map

This map highlights the barrier-free tram, metro and bus stops.

Prague Metro and Tram Map (day operation)

This is the map that will help you move througout the city during the day. Off the metro and on the tram and you can reach every place in town. If you know the exact name of the street you’re going to you can search for it on Google Maps and check the nearest tram or metro stop.

Prague Metro Map

This map shows the whole metro network. To use the metro you have to take a ticket from the yellow machines at each metro station or from the ticket office. These tickets are valid also for trams and buses in the city and are limited in time.

Prague Night Transport Map

The last metro train runs at 00:15AM while the last day trams might run until about 1:00AM. After this the night trams come into operation with numbers usually staring with 5 such as 54, 51 for trams or 510 for buses. When checking the timetables at the tram / bus stations the night vehicles are the ones with the dark background.

Pubtran: Prague Transportation Planner App

If you have an Android phone this is a super (and free!) application that will tell you the best route to go from your current location (which the app is sometimes able to detect if the GPS or the data connection is on) and your destination. If you’re in Prague make sure you filter the results only by Prague trains and buses.

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