Prague in Quotes

Prague isn’t just a city, but an entity of some kind. -Sezin Koehler

Prague changes like a precious stone to reflect the weather, the time of day and the season of the year –Christian Norberg-Schulz

Prague is the Paris of the ’90s —Marion Ross

Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws –Franz Kafka

The miracle of my life is to awaken every morning in the 21st century – in Prague –Alan Levy

The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade –Richard Wagner

We are living in the Left Bank of the ’90s. For some of us, Prague is Second Chance City; for others a new frontier where anything goes, everything goes, and, often enough, nothing works. Yesterday is long gone, today is nebulous, and who knows about tomorrow, but, somewhere within each of us, we all know that we are living in a historic place at a historic time –Alan Levy in The Prague Post, October 1, 1991 (first issue)

This movie could have been shot in only three cities, Vienna, Budapest or Prague because only these three cities have the 18th century architecture. Prague was ideal, Prague was absolutely ideal because thanks to communist inefficiency the 18th century was untouched. –Milos Forman from the Making of Amadeus (2002)

I’ve been to New York. It’s like Prague sans the whimsy —Brian Griffin, Family Guy (1999)

If European cities were a necklace, Prague would be a diamond among the pearls –Anynymous

In Prague, pork is king […] Welcome to Porkopolis, the land that vegetables forgot –Anthony Bourdain

Prague most resembles Rome… The aristocratic beauty of the women of Prague, the way they walk and the way they are attired, so graceful and elegant, reminded me of Dante’s Paradise –August Rodin

I had gone to Prague determined to be the first visiting writer not to make use of the name Franz Kafka, but the numbing bureaucracy got the better of me –Christopher Hitchens

3 thoughts on “Prague in Quotes”

  • Hi,

    I love the way you write about the Czech Republic. I come from Prague and was a proud Praguer till I moved to Hradec Králové to study there. .-) Now I see that some of the things that non-Praguers say about us are really true :-).
    However, I still love Prague the most and think about myself as of a real Praguer (although not always so proud anymore).

    It’s really interesting to read what you think about us. When one is unbiased enough, one can see that many of the jokes about Praguers are truer than they seem. And then, they aren’t that funny anymore… (but I think that goes for any capital of any country in the world).

    I know I’m far too young to continue .-)

    I love Prague. I was born there. I’ll always think about myself as of a Praguer. But I also know that the last two years in Hradec did open my eyes a bit. 🙂

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