Crazy things to do in Prague

Are you one of those free spirits who feels uncomfortable spending their vacation in the guided group, are you willing to explore the secrets and to feel the atmosphere of the city breaking free from the flock? If so, read on – here is a brief list of ideas of interesting, crazy things to do while you are spending time in Prague.

Graffiti in PragueTurn off the main street – Prague has to offer a lot, lot more than just strolling from Wenscelas square trough Old Town Square or towards Prague Castle and back. Explore the small winding streets of the Old Town, get lost around with no compass, turn around corners of Mala Strana. This city is full of miraculously beautiful buildings, sceneries, parks and cathedrals other than St.Vitus. Put your map in a pocket and forget it for a while. Get really lost for the sake of an exciting adventure, try to decipher the road signs and to find your way back. The more you walk away, the merrier!

Explore the surroundings – Prague has to offer a lot more than crossing Charles Bridge and taking pictures of the main cathedral. There are still tons of beautiful buildings and views far from the historic center. You can buy yourself a 24h pass, or a three or five day ticket and jump on a metro, then hop on and off buses and trams and be amazed how many hidden gems there are far from the downtown area. Additionally, in the warm season Prague has to offer a lot of natural beauty – there are marvelous hills with woods in all directions. And if you are even braver you can jump on one of these overground trains and expand your exploration perimeter miles away. Again, to make the trip worth it, put the map in your pocket and use it only if you are really desperate – make the experience fully adventurous! You can as well ride a night tram or a bus using the same day transport ticket, the experience is unbeatable: Prague is a black tulip, it’s a city that blossoms at night.

Mingle with the locals – Dare yourself to enter one of these pubs away from the center, one of those cigarette-smog filled hospoda that are packed with local workers, with authentic decoration and where no one speaks English. Experience the cultural shock to its fullest, use gestures to order a drink, share a table with the locals. Enjoy the brew and the atmosphere.

Make some graffiti – While graffiti are, of course, in that shady side of the law, there are – mainly in the suburbs – walls that are designated for doing so, where graffiti are not only allowed but also very artistic. Often you will have to work over some others’ art, so don’t forget to take pictures before letting your creativity flow…errr, spray free.

Rent a bike or rollerblades (or bring your own) and enjoy the lanes around the river. There are miles upon miles of tracks made especially for riding bikes, running or skating. In warm and nice weather the nature around the river – where the best of the lanes are – is picturesque and stunningly lovely, full of people of all ages enjoying an active life!

What were the weirdest, craziest things you did while in Prague? Leave a comment below.

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