A Burger Symphony in Prague

Bacon Cheddar Burger at The Tavern

When Brewsta placed The Tavern at the second place of his yearly roundup of the best burgers in Prague I had to go try number one. For me The Tavern had already won the Burger Olympics gold medal when they were just a corner at Bukowski’s and were known as Lokal Burger. I don’t recall what brought me there that night at Bukowski’s but it must have been fate; I just had one Lokal Burger with their signature secret sauce and I was hooked. From then on I was maniacally stalking the Lokal Burger stand, noting on my calendar when I could have my next supply. But the days became weeks, and weeks turned into months and no news were coming. Until one day. The Facebook page announced that Lori and Dean (the team behind Lokal Burger) would open their own place. And here we are, months later, and The Tavern has become a weekly staple for me and a lot of other people to the point that it’s difficult to find a seat. Over time I have tried almost all the burgers on the menu but I keep coming back for the Classic Bacon-Cheddar burger. I have brought here countless people so I have witnessed the power of  The Tavern’s burgers many times: I’m not kidding when I say that I saw people moaning at the first bite of a Blue Smoke Burger and I know of at least one case of a vegetarian turned into a carnivore T-Rex by a simple Lokal Burger. But ruminants fear not, the place also has vegetarian burgers on offer: just ask for a Spinach Bean Bomb or a Urban Garden Burger. And the offer of  The Tavern isn’t limited to burgers either; Lori also make some desserts to die for: like the Kentucky Butter Pecan Pie that is impossible to resist after the first bite!

As if their regular offer wasn’t enough The Tavern has a special Saturdays menu with hash-browns and omelettes that make me drool as I write.

So how do you wash down all this food so that you can make space for some more? One option is a good ol’ pint of Jezek, a lager beer that tastes a little lighter than Pilsner Urquell, and that is the only beer on tap. Alternatively one can explore some bottled beers from small local breweries like the American Pale Ale Easy Rider or the Black Hawk, a dark beer. But if pivo is not your thing you could also go for a homemade ginger lemonade or one of the classic cocktails such as a Margarita, a White Russian or a classic Cuba Libre.

Oh, and going back to Brewsta’s list, while I humbly declare I don’t want to challenge his authority on the subject, I must say I wasn’t impressed with his number one: my friends and I would agree that maybe they just got lucky. The Tavern instead never disappoints and consistently churns out excellent burgers time after time hitting such high notes that they might as well be ultrasounds.

The Tavern is in Chopinova 26, on a corner of Riegrovy Sady park. The best way to get there by public transport is to get off the metro or tram at Jiriho z Podebrad and walk down the hill. The other way is walking up the hill from Zizkov (tram stop Husinecká‎, just after VSE). But one could argue that you gotta earn that burger so you might want to take it from the steep side.

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